Heavy Duty Anchors - HVE

Heavy Duty Fixing Systems

HVE Steel anchor has now achieved European Technical Approval according to ETAG 001-PART1 & Option 1 & also Fire Resistance Certification acording to Technical Report 020 in the class of duration of the Fire Resistance R120. ETA Option 1 Ensures the use of HVE Anchor both in Cracked and Non- Cracked Concrete for Structural applications.

• Screw 8.8 Grade ISO 898-1 & special grade large washer
• CrVI free Zinc (Plated in Compliance with ROHS)
• For heavy duty fixings in cracked and non – cracked concrete of strength class min C20/25 and max C50/60, according to European
  Technical Approval (ETA-CE)
• Fire resistance R30-R120 according to Technical Report TR 020
• Through fixing (in-place Anchorage.
• Safety installation thanks to the required setting torque (to be controlled with calibrated torque wrench)
• Waiting time for loading after installation is not required
• Also suitable for lower than C20/25 Concrete, or for heavy masonry or Stones (all the above mentioned cases are Not Covered by ETA, so
  special tests are required before the installation)

• 8.8 Grade Screw & Special Washers
• Expansion sleeve / conical nut : Best raw material and appropriate geometries in the expansion sleeve / conical nut guarantee high tension
  load values both in cracked and non-cracked concrete
• Suitable for Heavy duty fixing