Chemical Mortar - CM385PE / CM585PE

Pure Epoxy

The CM385PE / CM585PE is a 2 component high strength pure epoxy chemical anchoring resin system. It is designed for deep embedment and large diameter holes due to its zero shrinkage, and longer working times. For diamond drilled holes, with rebar, and in areas of high chemical exposure eg. Seasalt and swimming pools.

Available in Sizes:
385m1 Cartridge or 585m1 Cartridge.

Specific Benefits
• Long working times
• High loads possible
• High chemical resistance
• Use with potable water
• Fixing studs in wood
• 24 Month shelf life
• Diamond drilled holes
• Zero shrinkage
• European approved
• Fire approved
• Studs and Rebar
• A+ Rating VOC content

• ETA Option 1 STAG 001 for cracked concrete with studs and rebar TR029
• ETA Option 1 STAG 001 for rebar TR023 : Approved for Seismic Loads C2
• F120 Fire Test report
• ICC-ES Approval ESR 3853
• BS6920 for use with potable water WRAS Approved 1309522
• ETA approved in flooded holes, wet and dry concrete
• Tested according to LEED 2009 EQ c4.1, SCAQMD rule 1168 (2005)