Chemical Mortar - CM385PE / CM585PE

Pure Epoxy

Pure Epoxy is a top-performance two-component 3:1 ratio pure epoxy bonded anchoring system for use in cracked and uncracked concrete under normal as well as very demanding seismic conditions (seismic categories C1 & C2). Designed for starter bar and post installed rebar connection applications, Pure Epoxy offers a very high load-bearing capacity. The system can be installed in percussive and diamond drilled dry, wet or flooded holes.

This 100% epoxy resin has been formulated with no Phenol, N-Methyl Pyrrolidone, Bisphenol A and Phtalates or VOCs. It exhibits minimal shrinkage, which makes it ideal for use with oversized holes, while extended gel time allows convenient use in deep holes and high ambient temperatures.

Pure Epoxy has been extensively tested at leading test facilities and has a broad range of approvals, including ETA option 1 with best C1 & C2 seismic, ETA According to TR023, LEED tested for VOC, WRAS (potable water) approval.

Pure Epoxy is available in 3:1 ratio 385ml, 585ml S-CN (side-by-side) cartridges.

• ETA according to EAD 33049-00-0601 (Option 1: Cracked & Uncracked Concrete)
• Seismic C1 & C2
• ETA according to EAD 330087-00-0601 (TR023: Rebar Connections)
• 100 years’ service life
• Fire Resistance report F240 (post installed rebar connections)
• ICC-ES According to AC308 (Pending)
• A+ French VOC (Emissions Class)
• LEED Tested
• WRAS Material Approval (Potable Water Contact)

• Installations in dry, wet and flooded holes even in cracked concrete without reduction in the performance.
  Gel and cure times remain unchanged in damp or flooded holes
• Extremely high load capacity
• Remarkable seismic resistance
• Overhead applications possible
• Fixings close to free edges, stress free anchoring system
• Pure Epoxy is available in pink/red or grey mixed colour
• Excellent fire resistance F240 for post-installed rebar connections
• Available in side-by-side cartridges (385ml / 585ml)
• Mixing ratio of 3:1
• Extended gel/open time

• Structural applications in cracked and non-cracked concrete, applications in seismic zones (C1 & C2)
• Crash Barriers
• Structural Steel
• Façades
• Post-installed rebar connections
• Starter bar applications