ICFS Anchor Fastening Systems
• ICFS is an Anchor Fastener Brand offering comprehensive solutions with a range of products, with International Approvals.
• We have chemical and mechanical anchors usable for installing furniture at site. Based on the design load parameters, we even
  suggest correct type of chemical, Diameter of anchor bolts and consumption per hole.

INDO-SPARK is 28 years young Company, having expertise and operations in the following three Verticals:
• Construction services - for any challenge in cutting and fixing of civil structures in concrete, brick masonry, rock and even under water.
  We provide solutions in cutting & fixing since last 41 years.
• ICFS anchor fastening system - comprehensive range of solution in mechanical and chemical anchoring with international approvals.
• ICFS branded power tools for professional and personal use.

Indo spark
ICFS Anchor fastening system - Comprehensive range of solution in Mechanical and chemical anchoring.
• Chemical anchors in Pure Epoxy, Vinylester and Polyester along with appropriate anchor bolts with Zinc coating or SS 304, SS316.
  A capability to fix on site. Also a range of accessories like guns, cleaning brushes, blow pumps and hammer drills. Technical training to
  fix or a pull-out test to validate the tensile load on site.
• ETA approved range of chemicals and anchor bolts. Drop in anchors and also heavy duty nylon plugs with screws as set, PU Foam for
  crack sealing, giving a comprehensive choice from a single window.

ICFS Anchor Designer - A mobile app to validate and design chemical and mechanical anchoring system - an application support available for android and I phone.

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