Nylon Frame Plugs - NFP

Polymide PA6 nylon - steel, zinc plated

Testing NFP

material nylon

Varient short expansion cskscrew, Material Polyamide PA6 nylon

nylon frame plug

nfp sh


For installations in perforated and hollow bricks drill with a rotary action only ( hammer switched off )


• Special anti-expansion design lets the user drive both plug and screw into the hole together without the plug expanding before it is fully inserted
• Side-links stop plug from breaking open during insertion, ensuring positive action when screw is driven in
• Screw guide stops screw from penetrating sides, by ensuring positive tracking down entire length
• M-teeth combined with side-links and screw-guide, ensure entire plug face is forced aginst walls of hole, for enhanced grip in soft materials
• Offset block profile allows plug to hold firmly against sides of hole when expansion begins
• Countersunk collar reduces risk of bi-metallic corrosion when fastening non-ferrous fixtures
• Nylon material absorbs vibration and noise. Extended expansion length guarantees maximum load-bearing capacity

nylon frame plugs
nylon frame plugs

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nylon frame plugs - nfp