Hex Head Screw

Universal Frame Anchors

The ICFS Universal Frame Anchor is a light duty, rotation setting, interference fit anchor, designed for use in a variety of substrates such as concrete, stone, solid brick, hollow brick, solid block, hollow block, hollow slab block and lightweight concrete (AAC) block. Available in various sizes with countersunk or Hex Head Screw.

Features & Benefits
• Anit-rotation bars prevent the anchor from rotating in the hole
• Countersunk sleeve allows for flush finishing
• Nylon sleeve reduces the effects of cold bridging. e.g. mold growth, when compared to all-metal anchors.

Base Material
Concrete Block, Hallow Core Concrete, Perforated Brick Masonry, Solid Masonry, Hallow Masonry, Aerated Concrete.
Base Material
Installation Guide
• Drill a hole to the recommended diameter and depth using the fixture as a template. If the fixture thickness is less than the maximum,   increase the hole depth accordingly. Clean the hole thoroughly with a hole cleaning brush. Remove the debris with a hand pump,   compressed air, or vacuum.
• Insert the anchor through the fixture and tap with a hammer until the collar of the anchor contacts the fixture.
• Tighten screw until the head of the screw is flush with the collar of the anchor.
Installation Guide