Chemical Mortars - CM360SH

Seismic Hybrid Injection Resin

• ETA Option 1 ETAG 001 for cracked concrete with studs and rebar TR029
• ETA Option 1 ETAG 001 for rebar TR023 : Approved for Seismic Loads C2
• F120 Fire Test report
• ICC-ES Approval ESR 3853
• BS6920 for use with potable water WRAS Approved 1309522
• ETA approved in flooded holes, wet and dry concrete
• Tested according to LEED 2009 EQ c4.1, SCAQMD rule 1168 (2005)


cm 360sh values cm 360sh values cm 360sh rebar seismic c1 value seismic c1 combined pullout rebar gel and cure time table

• Suitable for use with dose edge distance and small anchor spacings
• Suitable for dry, wet & flooded holes
• Reduced drilling diameters, 22mm for M20 and26mm for M24; results in significant material and labour sayings
• Variable embedment depths 8d to 20d

cm360sh installation

cm360sh installation

cm360sh installation


download pdf

download pdf
download pdf

Chemical Mortars - CM360 SH